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Looking for a simple way to hire in France ?

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Looking to hire an employee in France ?

There are several options available to full-time residents in France wishing to work on as an independent contractor :

  1. Set up a local company
  2. Register as a Micro-Entrepreneur
  3. Work through a Portage Salarial company

Let us lay out for you why a Portage salarial company might just be the right solution for you if you do not wish to set up a local company to manage payroll.


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Planning to expand your activities in France ?

If you are planning to expand your business to France, you need to make sure that you comply with all local rules and regulations. Managing payroll can be very challenging in France.

Outsourcing to a dedicated French payroll service company like Prium Portage will keep your costs low and let you test the French Market with little risk.

How does it work ?

Using a Portage salarial company like Prium Portage essentially means that your contractor will become an employee of Prium Portage.

First, you need to select a contractor and agree on basic terms for their assignment (role, duration and price). We can help you set the right price including our management fee. Then, you need to sign a service contract with Prium Portage.

Prium Portage will take care of :

  • Drafting an employment contract with your contractor which is compliant with local regulations
  • Ensuring compliance with all french regulations including employment, tax and payroll
  • Managing monthly payroll for your contractors
  • Staying up to date with any change in the french legislation
  • Sponsoring your contractor’s work permit if they are non-EU residents

Your contractor submits time sheets to Prium Portage who will in turn invoice your company for the work that they have carried out. They are then by Prium Portage – less our management fee.

What’s in it for you ?

A Portage salarial solutions will bring you :

  • Flexibility and simplicity
  • 100% legal compliance
  • Cost control
  • A great service to your contractors

Prium Portage will alors provide your contractors with all necessary informations regarding our payroll process and tax regulations. We can also help your contractors find accommodation in France.

Meet our International business developer

Ophélia ABBÉ
International business developer
E-mail: [email protected]
📞 To be contacted by phone, please specify your phone number.

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30 mars 2022

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