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How much does a portage salarial company cost ?

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What is the full cost of your payroll operations ?

In Portage salarial, our management fees are included in the price you pay to your contractors. So, you need to take this into account when you negotiate your price with your contractors. As long as you are concerned, you only pay a monthly bill to Prium Portage with no extra cost. It can get any simpler than that !

Prium Portage’s management fees are 7.5% of your monthly billing. If your contractor doesn’t work, we don’t bill and you don’t pay.

To help you find your contractor’s price, you can use the payroll online calculator below.

Man calculating the cost of umbrella company

Find your contactor’s price based on a net income

Simulate your salary in portage salarial

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30 mars 2022

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