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What is a French Umbrella Company ?

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A « Portage  salarial » company is a French umbrella company. Independent contractors can carry out their assignment without having to register as a limited company.

A Portage salarial company provides all payroll services to independent contractors. It gives any self-employed worker the opportunity to work as a contractor while getting the benefits of France’s national health care and security.

Many international companies actually rely on Prium Portage’s expertise to manage  EU and non-EU contractors’ payrolls in France. It is the most simple and effective way to expand your international activities in France.

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How does Portage salarial work ?

As a Portage salarial company, all contractors working with use should sign a contract of Employment. We provide payroll on behalf of the contractor and bills your company for work completed by the contractor.

To use our services, first, you need to agree on a price with your contractor and potential expense refunds. It can be a daily price or an hourly price. We can help you to set a price according to the net revenue asked by your contractor. A contract of service is then signed between your company, Prium Portage and your contractor.

Shows how Portage salarial works with actors and relationships


Every month, Prium will bill your company based on the timesheets submitted by your contractor, receive the funds and pay a salary to your contractor. Prium Portage also pays all taxes and social contributions. We take care of all the paperwork and declarations.

Andrew P., Software engineer : « As a freelancer, I use the services of a portage salarial company to invoice my clients, relieve me of any administrative hassle and pay me a salary. »

Outsourcing your workforce with a Portage salarial company

We operate effectively as an outsource employer for your contractors. We provide all payroll services. You don’t have to worry about any legal liabilities with the French government.

  • We have all the necessary licenses and registration to run payroll.
  • We have all the appropriate professional insurances for any damage your contractor may cause.
  • We are fully compliant with all employment, immigration and taxation requirements.

We can also sponsor work visas, for your contractors, if they are non-EU citizens

Because of our size and volume, our fees are very low and are directly included in the price you pay. In other words, they are paid by the contractor out of the price you agreed upon

Working as a contractor in Portage salarial

When contractors work with a Portage salarial company, they are viewed as employees. This means that they will get all the benefits of being an employee, with the freedom of being a contractor. Thus, they get the best of both worlds !

Portage salarial companies carry many advantages for contractors including:

  • Healthcare services
  • Professional insurance
  • French state pension
  • Unemployment insurance
Questions and answers about umbrella company
Portage salarial: everything you need to know


They are fully covered. They don’t need to pay for any private medical insurance or private pension.

Your contractors will receive a full breakdown of the money they have earned, any deductions taken for tax. Every euro will be clearly displayed on their statement. Their wages will then be paid into their bank account within 5 days after the end of the month. They will receive an official pay slip detailing what they have been paid.

Contactors can get higher net earning retentions as we help them to claim tax relief on expenses such as travel, meals and any business related expenses they may have. Claiming back expenses is easy : they just need to log on our extranet, provide their expense invoices and we’ll do the rest.
Portage salarial companies offer suitable solutions for contractors who have both long and short-term contracts at all salary rates.

Contracting through a Portage salarial company is easy, simple and secure

A Portage salarial company aims to make your business as easy to manage as possible. There is no administrative tasks to handle. Your contractors simply submit their timesheet each month via Prium Portage and we’ll take care of the rest.

Working with a Portage salarial Company is the simplest and most secure way for an international company to employ contractors in France, especially if they don’t have a local entity in France

Working with Prium will save you money, time and insure you full compliance.

Meet our International business developer

Ophélia ABBÉ
International business developer
E-mail: [email protected]
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